Training & Research Institute

Training & Research Institute on Cell Medicine
This training program is jointly sponsored with the International Institute for Continuing Medical Education to provide all participants with an American Medical Association Category 1 Credit on human fat harvesting, adipose-derived stem cell isolation, and isolation and photo-activation of human platelet- rich plasma that can be used in various clinical applications.

After years of collaboration with biotech companies and other clinicians in the field of cell medicine, Dr. Jane is thrilled to offer a training program for fat harvesting and human adipose-derived stem cell isolation that can be applied to various clinical indications according to the field of expertise of the physician in training. This training program is made possible by the extraordinary talent of Dr. Jane and her faculty. This course is offered to all licensed physicians who plan to incorporate adipose-derived stem cell therapy in their field of expertise. In this training, you will learn:
  • The safe and optimum method of harvesting fat and isolating adipose-derived stem cells
  • The ethical practice of this new technology in the field of medicine
  • An exclusive technique for better quality outcomes in clinical practice and IRB approved research protocols
  • An overview and clinical experience on IV Nutrition, the use of homeopathic medicine, hyperbaric therapy, hormonal optimization and glucose homeostasis
Dr. Jane is partnered with ACCME accredited IICME.

For more information about the program, please contact us directly at: 740-373-2222