Healing Through Science


How Do the Healing Saint™ Products Work With Our Skin’s Natural Processes?

Our skin constantly rebuilds itself. There are two main parts to our skin: the outermost layer, or epidermis, and a layer beneath called the dermis which is filled with collagen. Our skin also has a routine, which lasts about three or four weeks, when new skin cells are made in the deeper portions of the layers that eventually work their way to the surface of the skin and are shed.

When the skin is not injured, this normal routine is simply replacing cells. It is not repairing. So, imperfections like fine lines, brown spots and other problems don’t improve. In fact, they can get worse.

When the skin is in repair mode, special cells, called stem cells, work to fix problems. And, certain proteins, like Transforming Growth Factor Beta, or TGFβ, inspire the stem cells to kick into repair mode.

The Healing Saint™ product line is a unique, proprietary polypeptide formula of several natural growth factors like TGFβ, vitamins and natural botanicals which enhance the ability of the skin and scalp to repair and renew itself resulting in increased collagen, elastin, blood flow, and decreased inflammation.

Healing Saint™ Luminosity Skin Serum

The application of The Healing Saint™ Luminosity Skin Serum inspires the natural healing process of the skin to improve its condition, increase collagen and elastin, and slow-down the development of what we consider normal characteristics of aging like brown spots, fine lines and other imperfections.


 Healing Saint™ Hair Follicle Stimulant

When applied to the scalp, The Healing Saint™ Hair Follicle Stimulant vitalizes the specialized, subtype of stem cells that form hair follicles. The Hair Follicle Stimulant containing natural growth factors recharges hair follicles resulting in thicker hair roots, new hair growth and prevents further hair loss.

Why is it Important for Your Body Products to be Free from Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)?

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are substances found in some personal care products, plastics, food sources, and the environment (in the air, soil, and water supply) that may mimic, block, or interfere with the normal functioning of our body’s natural hormones which are produced from glands that make up the endocrine system.

These natural hormones are chemical messengers that work with other body systems to help maintain and control metabolism (how the body converts food to fuel), reproduction, growth & development, and the way the body handles stress and responds to the environment.

Results of animal and human scientific studies support a link between EDCs and harm to human health such as infant brain development, childhood obesity, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, some cancers, decreased fertility, and low testosterone levels. Due to its various health implications, EDCs play a great role in a silent epidemic.

Although we can’t completely avoid exposure to EDCs, we need to try to avoid unnecessary, preventable exposure to consumer products containing EDCs. This is especially important if you are pregnant, plan to have children, or already have small children.

This is why the Healing Saint™ products strive to be free from EDCs, making it safe and gentle for everyday use.