5 Ways To Reduce And Remove Eye Bags And Dark Circles

Lately many of may have been seeing videos, commercials and even news broadcasts about a seemingly magical cream that claims to remove unsightly bags underneath eyes. Video proof was recently showcased on the popular ABC news program, “Good Morning America,” when they put this controversial cream to the test and gave it a mostly positive review. But in reality, this is only a short-term solution since the results only last for a couple of hours at most.

These annoying bags and dark circles are simply an annoyance, perhaps inherited and not really a sign of a serious medical condition that could affect our eyesight. So what really works when it comes to these dark circles and excess baggage that’s often found underneath our eyes? Here’s five examples of ways to reduce these bags and darkness without resorting to over-the-counter (or over the airways) remedies that may not necessarily work long term.


1. Stay Hydrated

In a recent post, we discussed the importance of hydration, specifically when it comes to drinking at least eight glasses of water per day in order to get the necessary amount of H2O into our bodies. As noted in this article, even with this type of daily saturation, our skin (especially around our eyes) is one of the last places this type of hydration actually occurs. A lack of water in our system can prevent many different types of health problems including purely cosmetic cases like those pesky eye bags.

2. Be Well Rested

Getting enough shut-eye (pun intended) each and every night is vital for many different types of medical dilemmas that can cause us serious problems, even those dark circles and bags found underneath our eyelids can be due to a lack of sleep. Putting in at least eight hours of pillow time is rewarding on many different levels, but so is cutting back on things that dehydrate our bodies like excessive salt intake, abusive alcohol consumption and heightened caffeine levels.

3. Tea Time

The tannin found in tea bags can also help reduce this type of baggage. To release these tannins, soak them in hot water first, but allow plenty of time for them to cool sufficiently before applying them to the area around your eyes. Other ingredients often found in tea bags like peppermint and chamomile will also help to soothe you with the use of aromatherapy during these calming eyecare sessions.

4. Allergies And Make Up

If you suffer from allergies, seasonal or otherwise, be sure to avoid your triggers and take appropriate medications if they offer relief from these symptoms. Speaking of allergens, some makeup products can exaggerate existing conditions or cause new ones to appear, especially around our eyes. So be sure to monitor their usage carefully and look for reactions that could cause baggage to appear more severe.

5. Be Kind To Your Eyes

Also, when it comes to makeup, don’t sleep with these cosmetics still applied on your eyes as well as your entire face. This additional time spent on skin can cause significant drying, irritation and could also cause eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles to appear more pronounced. Be sure to wear sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors to prevent further dehydration.

There’s always cosmetic surgery to correct these type of dilemmas, but these methods can be very costly, involve lengthy recovery times and come with significant side effects like bruising and even more swelling. Look for more natural solutions before you consider going under the knife!